About Us

Our story has four tracks, really: Beef, Pork, Pumpkins and Firewood.

We are a local family farm venture, feeding our own Vermont grown hay to our Holstein steers. These black and white bovines graze leisurely on rolling hill pastures with scenic vistas. Our meat is grass-fed, lean, tender, juicy, and healthy. No–hormones, no stimulants, no additives.

For many years we were successful dairy farmers and Holstein breeders. During our milking years, we always raised one steer for our own freezer… grass-fed and tasty! We now use our years of experience to raise many natural grass-fed Holstein steers for your freezer and your table. Our meat is available at various stores, in restaurants and you can find us at Farmers’ Markets as the Frozen Butcher or Boucherie Frozzenne. Our meat products are carefully and immediately frozen at cut up time in cryovaced retail cuts. We offer the gamut of cuts and can also provide special orders with enough notice.

Pigs, ahhhh……they are so cute! Once again, we had always raised a few pigs for ourselves and neighbors, but then added farm raised pork to our list of meat products when visitors started asking for pork while visiting our pigs and beefers. Pigs love left over pumpkins, by the way.

Pumpkins? 23 years ago, when in first grade, our son started Ben’s Pumpkins, growing 24 pumpkins or earning 24 dollars that first year. We cannot remember exactly which. The business has grown each year into thousands of pumpkins harvested and sold mostly locally right here on the farm, though many pumpkins travel to homes all over New England.

We have been on this farm for 30 years and fortunately the next generation is committed to its success and producing our superior product of natural grass-fed Holstein beef and farm raised pork, along with the pumpkins..

Speaking of the next generation, Chop Chop Firewood Service belongs to Ben, the next generation..Wood, the comfort food for your furnace (or wood stove). After college, as a forester, he had a keen interest in farming AND wood…that follows, right? The farm had some extra land that is now Chop Chop’s processing area. The wood is purchased in log length, cut, split, and then delivered to you in the big blue dump truck, green or seasoned. Clean and professionally prepared, it is what you want for your firewood needs.