Seasonal Update

Winter is here!

New Calf at Snug Valley Farm, Vermont

New calf drinking milk very intensely

We are getting ready for the 2013 calves.  The calf barn is all set up with the new stalls, fresh sawdust and gobs of straw.  The Calf Cozies (jackets) are ready for their new owners and once all of our supplies are repenished, the little black and white guys will come!   Last year’s calves have wintered well…growing and playing, although they would prefer more snow!

The older group, the ones going to “finishing school” soon, look wonderful: big and solid and furry..

As soon as the new calves arrive, we will post some pictures.

In the pork realm,  9 just arrived as babies.  They will be pastured as soon as possible, but for now have lots of terrific hay and natural grain to forage on.  Friendly and rambunctious, they are a joy to watch.  Ben keeps recent photos of them on our face book page.  Check it out.

Another piggie group has passed through winter and will leave the end of March.

Meanwhile, we are at some indoor winter markets, so check out our “Outlets and Markets” page.

If you have an interest in a half or whole pig or half / whole beef, let us know!

We have most every cut you could want!  And we grill all winter, do you?

Happy snow and happy spring when it gets here!

Ben, Helm and Nancy


Summer2012 is in full swing and so are we!

Helm and Ben have been busy with farmers’ markets and on the farm! Have you been to visit us at one? We love farmers’ markets as they are a great chance to connect with customers and have become such a social event in many Vermont communities.

This springs’ steers are doing well and are happily grazing on pasture, as our one and two year olds. The newest arrivals at 824 Pumpkin Lane are 15 Landrace/Yorkshire cross piglets. They are very happy on their new pasture and will do a great job digging through it so it is ready for pasture and they are ready to be bacon next spring :)

Despite the dry summer the pumpkins are growing well. We’ve had to irrigate with water several times, but have been quite lucky compared to some parts of the country. Harvest will start soon, plan on making a trip up for your fall decorations and baking!

Speaking of the fall, have you ordered your firewood yet? Ben has been busy processing and delivering seasoned and green firewood for area customers. Call him at 472-WOOD (9663) and place your order today for this winter’s warmth.

Take care,

Helm, Nancy and Ben Nottermann