Farm Employee Position

Snug Valley Farm, a family-owned farm in East Hardwick, VT raising grass-fed beef, pastured heritage pork, and pumpkins seeks a farm employee.

Team Member Responsibilities:

Working as a team member in the Snug Valley Farm pork program.

Work includes:

  • Managing water and feed access
  • Maintenance of pig housing both summer and winter
  • Changing bedding and attending to animal comfort
  • During the summer months: maintaining pig pasture fencing, water and feed, and housing
  • During the winter months: cleaning and bedding our bedded pack pens, making sure the pigs have access to clean water and feed daily.
  • Weekly weighing of pigs with a live scale to track growth progress and sorting pigs for harvest

Working as a team member in the grass-fed beef operation at Snug Valley Farm.

Work includes:

  • Daily moves of beef herds to fresh grass
  • Building temporary fences for grazing paddocks
  • Keeping clean access to water at all times during the summer
  • Monthly weighing of beef animals to track growth progress
  • Administering vaccinations and enacting Snug Valley Farm health protocols
  • During the summer months: maintaining fences and water infrastructure is crucial
  • During winter months: daily feeding of hay and cleaning beef facility with skid steer or tractor

Other summer responsibilities include

  • Hay production
  • Brush hogging
  • Machinery maintenance
  • General farm work
  • Construction

Job Requirements:

Dependability, attention to detail, and a strong background in safe machinery operation are a must. This position requires significant physical strength and endurance. The Candidate must be able to bend and lift 60 lbs. multiple times over the course of the workday. The candidate must also have the ability to put in long days during the haying season (running machinery during hay production). The team member must hold a valid driver’s license.


We are looking for an experienced and driven team member. We are willing to train the right person. More than anything, we are looking for someone committed to this place, the long term goals of our farm, teamwork, and the local agricultural community. Candidate must be a good communicator, well organized, and committed to producing high-quality grass-fed beef and pastured pork on a small Vermont farm.

Intentions & Responsibilities

Set good intentions regarding community space, outside space, and be able to share a workspace in a positive manner with other team members.

Understand and respect the mission of the farm, and the reverence it takes to make high-quality meats in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.


Competitive pay based on experience.

Benefits will include beef and pork.

If interested, please email us at info@snugvalleyfarm.com with information about past experience and tell us a little about yourself.

Thank you.

-Ben, Kelly, Helm & Nancy Nottermann