Missing your favorite summer Farmer’s Market?  No problem, visit the farm in East Hardwick to purchase our products, or place your order online, then pick it up  on a Meat UP date.  Find us at MOCO in Morrisville or at the UVM Medical Center Winter Markets.  

Winter Meat Ups in Shelburne Winooski, Essex Jctn, Stowe and Waitsfield

3 pigs

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Happy Animals Taste Better

It’s common sense, right? That’s why Snug Valley Farm raises their animals in a humane, natural way. Our Holstein steer and heritage breed pigs are never given hormones, stimulants, or fed animal by-products. They’re raised in an atmosphere of loving kindness by Vermont farmers who work hard to be good stewards to the land and the community.

See for yourself when you visit the farm to purchase meat directly, or taste it for yourself at Vermont restaurants. Our bacon, pork chops, fresh hams, cured hams, ribs, sausages, roasts, beef steaks, ground beef, kebabs, brisket, and more, can be found in Vermont markets or even order by email for local pickup.