BBQ Top Round Steak with Pepper MarinadeBy Snug Valley FarmThanks to Melissa Purdy of Vermont for submitting this marinade recipe for grilled grass-fed top round steak. Don't be afraid of the cayenne, most of the spiciness cooks off.
Beef Jerky- oven bakedBy Snug Valley FarmThis beef jerky recipe was shared by Tom Cantwell. Tom dries the jerky in the oven, so this recipe does not require any special equipment. For a lean jerky, make this with Snug Valley Farm's grass-fed round or flank steak.
Beef Stroganoff – Localvore StyleBy Snug Valley FarmThis beef stroganoff recipe was shared by Robin McDermott from Waitsfield, Vermont. She uses local mushrooms, onions and sour cream and (of course) Snug Valley Farm's Steak. Stroganoff is traditionally served over egg noodles.
Boeuf Bourguignon (Beef Stewed in Red Wine)By Snug Valley FarmUsing Mastering the Art of French Cooking, by Julia Child, Helm learned to make this dish and is now known for serving Helm's Beef Stew on special occasions during the long Vermont winter months. Here's how he makes it.
Boneless Rib RoastBy Snug Valley FarmThis boneless rib roast recipe is our favorite, basic method for preparing a boneless roast.
Braised BeefBy Snug Valley FarmThis braised beef recipe is from Claudia DeLucia of Chelmsford, MA. Claudia serves this over egg noodles, rice or mashed potatoes.
Brisket with HorseradishBy Snug Valley FarmThis baked brisket is extremely tender and has a nice flavor. Mike serves it with cheesy mashed potatoes, horseradish gravy and the baked vegetables. Recipes for each are given separately below.
Chopped Pork Liver SpreadBy Snug Valley FarmThis recipe comes from our webmaster, Cheryl Michaels. Cheryl says "I love liver cooked the traditional way, floured and sautéed in bacon fat with onions. I only eat liver that has been raised without antibiotics, so having pastured pork from Snug Valley Farm is a real treat. Because half a package is enough for dinner, I tried using the rest to make a spread similar to the traditional chopped liver that is made with chicken livers. I found the spread needed to be spiced-up a bit so I add hot sauce and dill gherkins. Enjoy!"
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