Pork Sausages – Maple GlazedBy Snug Valley FarmAn easy and delicious recipe for Sweet Italian or Breakfast sausage for breakfast or dinner! It requires only a few minutes in the kitchen, and everyone you serve it to will remember it! It’s a terrific pot luck dish on its own and also great served with winter squash mashed with butter and herbes de Provence or with steamed broccoli tossed with walnuts.
Pork Sirloin Steaks with Zesty OrangeBy Snug Valley FarmCitrus and fruit are fabulous companions to pork. This recipe is simple and delicious for a change of pace and for special company.
Pumpkin Creme for Spread, Dip or FrostingBy Snug Valley FarmThis is a kid-friendly project to do as a family. It starts with a trip to Ben's to buy a small pie pumpkin (New England Pie or Sugar). Next you bake the pumpkin whole. After the pumpkin cools, all will have fun removing the seeds - which can be used to make roasted pumpkin seeds. To make the creme, no further cooking is needed - just mix the ingredients together. The pumpkin creme can be used for a variety of fun to eat foods. Use it at room temperature as a dip for apples or wafer cookies. Or use it to frost vanilla or carrot cupcakes or banana muffins. It's also great on toast and pancakes; add a few pecans and sliced bananas for a yummy breakfast. Or use pumpkin creme as a spread for making graham cracker sandwiches.
Pumpkin Maple FlanBy Snug Valley FarmThis dessert is full of Vermont fall flavors. If you make the pumpkin mash ahead, and store it in the refrigerator or freezer, you can whip up this flan in only a few minutes. See the note below for making the pumpkin mash.
Pumpkin Soup – with curry and creamBy Snug Valley FarmOur friend Gary Michaels loves curried pumpkin soup. Originally he badgered the owners of Capt's Bar and Grill in Salem, MA for their recipe. Subsequently, his wife, Cheryl, has adjusted and modified it so this recipe is family sized and simpler than Capt's. See her notes below about seasonings and cream.
Ribs – BBQ PORKBy Snug Valley FarmThis Grilled Pork Ribs recipe is from the The Grassfed Gourmet Cookbook: Healthy Cooking and Good Living with Pasture-Raised Foods. Used with permission.
Roulade – Mary Ann’sBy Snug Valley FarmThis recipe was shared by fellow Vermonter - Mary Ann Duke. Mary Ann likes to serve her steak roulade with potato pancakes. Nancy - could we change shortening to be more specific? What would you use?
Rouladen – Rolled Stuffed BeefBy Snug Valley FarmThis grass-fed beef recipe is from a region in Southern Germany where I grew up - small farms - small budgets - great cuisine. My Swabian mother was able to prepare delicious meals using mostly homegrown ingredients. We enjoy many of her recipes using our grass-fed beef and are happy to share this one with you. Helm
Round Steak with Grilled VegetablesBy Snug Valley FarmHelm makes this grass fed round steak on the BBQ, but it can be cooked in the kitchen by roasting the vegetables and broiling the steak. Nancy: does this use fresh or dried thyme? Do you recommend a particular dry rub? Do you make your own? Also - the olive oil is used twice. How much do you use for each preparation? If you are roasting the vegetables in the oven, what temperature do you use and how long? Should we suggest an amount of each vegetable for however many servings 1.5 lbs of steak makes?
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