Our Story

For many years, we were successful dairy farmers and Holstein breeders so it was a natural transition for us to use our years of experience to raise natural grass-fed, grass-finished steers for your table. We have been raising grass-fed beef in Vermont since 1989.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Farming

We believe in treating our animals and land with the utmost care and respect.

Snug Valley Farm is committed to wind and solar renewable energy. As of Fall 2018, Snug Valley Farm produces all of our electrical needs with wind and solar renewable energy!

Our dedication to supporting family businesses is also a key to our success. Hence, Snug Valley Farm uses family-run farms for sourcing animals, local farm supply stores, graphic designers, printers and hardware stores. This helps keep the Northeast Kingdom a vibrant and growing farming community.

We are active members of the Vermont Fresh Network and the Vermont Farm to Plate Network.

We are also the grateful recipients of a Working Lands Enterprise Initiative Grant. Click to learn more.