Vermont Canine Gourmet

Delicious Dog Treats with No Additives

Dog Treats from Snug Valley Farm in VermontLIVER TREATS – FOR YOUR DOG

Snug Valley Farm is also the home of Helm’s most ingenious product to date – Vermont Canine Gourmet – a dehydrated liver treat that your best friend cannot resist (see the dog testimonial below). We use liver from our grass-fed beef and pasture-raised heritage pigs. What could be better?

Vermont Canine Gourmet Liver Treats for your best friendYou can purchase these delicious dog treats at our farmers’ markets this summer or send us an email at to order them by mail.

Sawyer’s Testimonial
From our mixed breed golden retriever girl dog, who is always pushing the limits:

Vermont Canine Gourmet Liver - Dog Treats from Snug ValleySawyer removed a sealed jar of the dog treats from the closed box (teeth and claw marks on box) that was on the floor (stupid humans), took it to her bed (rolling it? Doubtful: more likely carrying it in her mouth), and then chewed on the jar lid, puncturing the lid in 5 places. Sawyer was never able to get the lid off, but can you imagine her frustration at smelling the wonderful liver treat through the holes? She is also known for having eaten an entire gallon bag of liver treats and was starting on the second when she was busted!  What a dog!

Skidder loves Vermont Canine Gourmet Liver Treats