Santa Maria BBQ Steak or Tri-tipBy Snug Valley FarmFrom Santa Maria, California, this recipe for grilled grass-fed beef is traditionally prepared with a sliced bottom sirloin roast called a tri-tip steak. This cut ranges from 2½ pounds to 4 pounds. Figure on ½ pound of meat (before cooking) per person. This recipe can also be made using a thick london broil or sirloin steak. We recommend using SVF's Grass-fed Sirloin steak or Tri-tip roast.
Sausage Georgia StyleBy Snug Valley FarmThis is a great one dish meal for breakfast or dinner that Nancy grew up with.
Short Ribs with Garlic and TomatoBy Snug Valley FarmThis short ribs recipe is from our favorite cookbook "The Grassfed Gourmet Cookbook" by Shannon Hayes, reprinted with permission. Delightful, especially with its sauce served over mashed potatoes with sour cream! This recipe also be cooked in a slow cooker.
Steak – BBQ with Cherry Peppers and MushroomsBy Snug Valley FarmThis recipe for BBQ grass-fed steaks was shared by Bill Carey from Fayston, Vermont. Note to Nancy: where to buy the Tom Perrini or what are alternatives? This could use amounts - i.e: one mushroom per steak, etc. Also you should recommend type of steak to use.
Steak – Marinated with Garlic and Brown SugarBy Snug Valley FarmThis steak marinade for grilling and best process was first published in COOK's Illustrated in 2007. The article titled "Steak marinades That Work" was written by David Pazmino. Used with permission?????? Nancy - what kind of steak do you recommend? And how much does the marinade cover?
Steak BBQ – in a Cilantro & Olive PasteBy Snug Valley FarmThanks to Shannon Hayes for this recipe, published in Free Range Farm Girl: Cooking Grass-fed Beef. This recipe makes enough paste for one or two steaks. See the number of steaks by cut in the ingredients list. If steaks are boneless, allow ½ pound per person. For bone-in allow 1 pound per person. The steak you choose should be about 1 ¼ inches thick.
Steaks or Pork Chops – Skillet SearedBy Snug Valley FarmThis recipe for Grass-Fed Beef Steak requires a cast iron skillet and is a quick way to cook our grass-fed steaks when you don't want to BBQ. We recommend using Snug Valley Farm Strip Steaks, Sirloin Steak or Rib Eye. The method also works for boneless pork chops. Thanks to our friend and web master, Cheryl Michaels, for introducing us to this method.
Stuffed Steak with Green Olives and CapersBy Snug Valley FarmThis stuffed steak recipe has green olives, capers grated parmesan and other yummy ingredients and is served with a garlic and tomato sauce. The recipe was shared by Amy Kong of South Duxbury, Vermont. Nancy: noticed that this recipe and the Roulade recipe call for thin sliced top round. Do you sell it this way? If so, let's mention that. Otherwise the instructions should tell them how to slice.
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