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Sweet Swine Success

By Jenn Colby  /   June 9, 2014

“As farmers and direct marketers, the Nottermans of Snug Valley Farm have expanded their existing pork production and marketing by 900% in the last three years. They are now marketing pasture-raised heritage pork to customers and restaurants from Hardwick to Burlington, VT. Their expectation is that within the next two years, they will increase their pork production by an additional 40-50%. So how did they get to where they are today? By paying attention to what the market wanted and by doing a good job of feeding and growing their product…

Read the entire article (great photos too)

Jenn is a diversified meat livestock farmer, competitive barbecuer, UVM Extension professional, and self-described Communitarian. She lives and farms in Central Vermont, and delivers education and outreach to grass-based and livestock farmers statewide.