Delicious Beef and Pork for the Winter and Holidays

A Note from the Snug Valley Farmers:

As much as we hate to admit that winter is coming,  we do have to make plans to continue supplying you, our terrific supporters, with our meats!

So, sign up for Monthly Winter Deliveries to Shelburne, South Burlington, Essex Junction, Waitsfield and Stowe.

We’ll email you every month with the date and our offerings. You make your selection and we deliver it to the pick up point.  Shelburne, South Burlington and Essex Junction are on a weekday afternoon with a one and one half hour window, usually 4:30 to 6 p.m.  Waitsfield and Stowe are usually a Saturday in the early afternoon.

When you get our email, you can order or not order, very simple!
And once again, we are partnering on the Monthly Winter Deliveries with Freshies Farm (Jamie and Matt) for your chicken and turkey needs.

So, just let us know your contact information today!

Roasts & Special Cuts:
Please note that if you want a roast or a special cut for the fall or winter holidays, now is the time to tell us as our last BEEF slaughter date for 2014 is mid-November with the next ones in February or March. Pork dates are more flexible and frequent.

We look forward to continuing to serve you delicious beef and pork and a huge thank you for a wonderful farmers’ market season!

Helm, Nancy, Ben and Kelly